Dome Position Detection System (DPDS)

The Dome Position Detection System (DPDS) is an image processing system that automatically detects the position of the opening (“dome”) of rail tank wagons.

The dome centre point is converted into real coordinates (for the positioning of the loading arm), which are transferred to the PLC system control.

The system consists of one camera per loading station and one image processing computer.

Technical Data / Features

  • increase of the degree of automation and thus the efficiency of the loading plant by exact automatic positioning of the loading arm above the tank wagon dome
  • automatic activation (triggering) of the image processing via the SPS control system
  • night operation (LED)
  • operating temperature down to -60°C possible (heated cameras)
  • decentralization through the use of optical fibers (up to 100 km distance to control room/operator possible)
  • correction mask for verification of the detected dome position by the operator
  • possibility of manual correction of the detected position data (operator moves the crosshairs with the mouse to the required position)
    • see figures 1 + 2
  • ex-version possible

Abbildung 4

Fig. 1 – manual positioning

Fig. 2 – manual positioning

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