IGATEC GmbH can draw on a considerable potential of experience concerning the most varied categories of MCR-technology and operates internationally just as much successful as in Germany.

Our highly-qualified staff possess an industry-comprehensive Know-how as well as long-standing industry knowledge.

Challenging plants and facilities of the following industries were designed and put into operation:

  • Automobile, car industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Building technology
  • Petrochemical industry and refinery
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmental engineering and regenerative energy generation

The MCR-technology is the basis for our successful operation of complex process-engineered plants.

For the recording of physical data such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, filling level, density, mass etc  – as well as for gaseous and liquid media – we apply high-tech sensors, which convert those signals into electrical standardised signals.  The electrical signals are then conventionally  transferred by wires or by field bus to an automation system and processed therein.

Through evaluation and taking appropriate algorithms as a basis, signals, alarms or control signals are generated in the automation system. These control signals in turn affect  process actuators by electrical standardised signals either via wires or field bus. Then the actuators in turn initiate adjustments or alterations in the process.

Additionally to the two mentioned levels (process layer with sensors and actuators, and control  level with automation system) there is a third level, so called command level  or process control level. On this level the operator  supervises and controls and operates the process.

On process diagrams, shown on flat screen monitors, measuring signals, limit values, positions, operating states, signal information and failures can be supervised, controlled and influenced.

IGATEC GmbH thereby resorts to competent partners in automation and control and instrumentation technology, whose hardware systems and programming software is task-related applied by their own engineers.

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