Optical Fiber Technology

IGATEC GmbH provides the full range of services in the field of optical fiber technology from initial consulting right through to testing of fiber optic cable installations.

Optical fibers are light conductors made of glass fibers or plastics transmitting data by light signals. They are used in data communication in the field of information transmission as well as in telecommunications and computer networking. Using a fiber optics offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Very large transmission rate
  • Long range transmission path
  • Tap-proof data transmission
  • Immunity to electromagnetic disturbance
  • Low attenuation values
  • Low weight and small cable dimensions
  • Easy laying of cables

Scope of Delivery Concerning Fiber Optics:

  • Consulting and planning of fiber optic networks
  • Measurement and analysis of fiber optic lines
  • Delivery of fiber optic components
  • Delivery of pre-assembled cables
  • Installation of all standard fiber optic cables
  • Splicing of singlemode and multimode fiber
  • On-site assembly of fiber optic connectors
  • OTDR testing and attenuation measurements as well as reporting/documentation
  • Maintenance and repair of fiber optic cabling

State-of-the-Art Glas Fiber Splicing

During the splicing process two cleaved fibers are precisely aligned by the fusion splicer and then fused together by electric arc.

We splice all common fiber types (singlemode, multimode and special types of fiber, 9 / 125μ,
50 / 125μ, 62.5 / 125μ) both indoor and outdoor.

Our automated 3-axis fusion splicer with core-to-core positioning is approved for use in the network of Deutsche Telekom.

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