Basic- and Detail-Engineering

The scope of services and tasks in engineering depend essentially on the complexity and size of the respective project.

The requirements range from the modernization and integration of technologies in existing plants to the planning and construction of a completely new facility. The scope of services includes the dimensioning and execution of foundations, steel and plant construction, E-MCR services and EDP solutions for operating personnel. Here, the most diverse trades (plant construction, process engineering, electrical engineering etc.) must be coordinated.


Within the framework of basic engineering (also known as “design planning”), we develop a technical and economic concept for you and determine the expected costs for implementation.

It is our aim to concretise your project through our planning services, so that you have a binding overall design for the plant and project management.


As the name implies, we go into detail with you in detail engineering.

Based on the results of the basic engineering, the further details for the implementation of the project are worked out. These include the specification of plant components, materials and measurement and control components. This engineering phase is completed with the description of the external interfaces or to other plant components.

Our service portfolio includes e.g.:

  • loading platforms for tank wagons / tank cars and trucks
  • unloading platforms for tank wagons / tank cars and trucks
  • procedural plants
  • additivation plants
  • blending plants
  • CPB plants (chemical-physical-biological wastewater treatment plants)
  • mobile and stationary crude oil processing plants
  • sewage sludge incineration plants
  • sewage sludge drying plants