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IGATEC GmbH Realizes a Parking Garage Using Siemens SIMATIC and SEW Components

IGATEC GmbH is currently reprogramming and visualizing an already existing parking garage.

The parking system consists of a rotary table transferring the vehicles (entry and exit) to 12 parking places. The implemented control system Siemens SIMATIC S7 and frequency inverter SEW allow the parking places, which are carrying the vehicles, to move in longitudinal or transverse direction as well as upwards, just like a sliding puzzle. After transferring the vehicle to the system at the rotary table the process of parking is carried out automatically. This allows an optimal use of the existing parking space.

Car tracking within the parking system is implemented via RFID devices. These devices are attached to each car key and parking place. Thus, the system automatically recognizes if a vehicle has to be brought “into” the plant or “out” of the plant. Furthermore, the system recognizes which car is currently located on which parking module.

A light curtain installed at the entry/exit of the garage system guarantees personal safety. Any interruption of the light curtain stops the parking system immediately. Laser scanners monitor the proper position of the vehicle on the rotary table before starting the automatic parking process. If the position of the vehicle is wrong, the parking process does not begin. Furthermore, the parking operator receives a notice about the wrong position showed by the traffic light at the entry/exit or on the control panel HMI (Siemens TP1500 Comfort).

IGATEC GmbH additionally implements a “Mobile Control Panel” into the existing bus structure of the parking system to simplify maintenance. An internet-based remote maintenance solution guarantees the availability of the parking system in case of emergency.


IGATEC International GmbH Realizes LPG-Loading Plant in Ust-Kut (RF)

With project location in Ust-Kut (Russia) IGATEC International GmbH as a prime contractor actually realizes a loading facility for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a mixture of butane and propane). When finished the loading terminal will perform a loading capacity of 2 million tons per year.

The entire facility consists of different terminals, e.g. one terminal for prearrangement of road tankers with 10 Top Loading Systems. Subsequently the loading of the tanker train will be carried out by the loading terminal with 20 Top Loading Systems.

If a leakage is detected whilst loading, the damaged road tanker will be discarded and discharged at a separate single discharging system. The scope of delivery includes all periphery technology like steel constructions and automation systems.

The basic engineering of the plant was already completed in August. Actually the project is running ordering procedure.


IGATEC Flexible Crude Oil Test and Processing Plant Enters SAT (Site Acceptance Test) Phase

Week 22/2014, the Flexible Crude Oil Test and Processing Plant, designed and constructed by IGATEC GmbH and Streicher Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG entered its second SAT (site acceptance test) phase.

After 5 days of testing, the plant was approved by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH and handed over to the customer in Speyer, Germany: GDF-SUEZ E&P Deutschland GmbH.

The Flexible Crude Oil Test and Processing Plant has been designed for different types of tests at the well.

The plant consists of the following components:

–          High Pressure Unit reducing pressure from 250bar to 10bar

–          Heat Exchanger for cooling or heating the pumped medium

–          Separator (gas, crude oil and deposit water)

–          Gas Unit

–          Air Cooler

–          Gas Flare with hidden burning flame

–          Storage and Processing Tanks (2 pure oil tanks, 1 pure oil tank or processing tank,
1 deposit water tank)

–          Pumps

–          flexible Pipes connected by hammer unions

–          RTLU Loading Unit  loading crude oil into road tanker trucks

–          Heating Unit

–          Measuring Station


The different units are designed in standardized 20‘ containers, which allows easy and fast setup and dismantling of the plant in 48 hours. Transportation of the units can be carried out with a standard-truck.

Furthermore the modular design allows an easy and multiple extensions according to customer specifications.


IGATEC-Loading Arms in Brazil

IGATEC International GmbH delivers 3” and 4” Loading Arms to a famous German manufacturer of loading facilities. These Loading Arms are used in Brazil for loading liquid sulfur, tar and BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene).

Loading Arms for tar and liquid sulfur are steam heated to avoid solidification of the fluids. To achieve this, both pipeline and IGATEC-Swivel Joints Type LA are designed double jacket style. To transfer superheated steam at the joints stainless steel hoses are used.

The tar Loading Arm additionally needs a same style heated vapor recovery line. According to this the Loading Arm is designed as a steam heated parallel working Loading Arm. This Loading Arm is characterized by parallel movement of two Loading Arms managed by a special mechanism.


IGATEC International GmbH Delivers Loading Arms for Pump Test Stands

IGATEC International GmbH designs, manufactures and delivers 10 Loading Arms with 6 different nominal diameters ranging from 2” to 16” for a pump test stand of a famous german pump manufacturer. The manufacturer’s horizontal and vertical pumps are checked in a water cycle. IGATEC-Loading Arms are used to connect the different pumps flexibly to the water cycle.

The Loading-Arms are made of stainless steel by using Swivel Joints Type W, which are manufactured by IGATEC and allow pressures up to 6000psi (420bar) and temperatures up to 482°F (250°C). The vertical movement of the larger Loading Arms with a nominal diameter range from 6” (DN150) to 16”(DN400) is controlled electronically. Loading Arms with a nominal diameter of 10” (DN250) or higher do also feature an electronically controlled horizontal movement.


The Price of Success

Dear Customers,

The price of success requires more space for office and stock area. Which means for us that we have to move into new larger accomodations.

Our new address from the 6th December 2013:

Profilstr. 6

58093 Hagen


Phone and Fax numbers will move with us!


IGATEC launches PowerUnit


Steam Enforced Crude Oil Production by Use of High Temperature Swivel Joints

Production of crude oil is a sofisticated process because neither it does not flow by itself nor is it pumpable forever. merely 20-30% of the existing oil could be produced by using state of the art technology. Continually rising crude oil prices economize more and more cutting edge technology like e.g. steam enforced production as realized in Schoonebeek in the Netherlands.

What means that steam under high pressure(1305psi/90bar) and temperature(608°F/320°C) is injected into oil running deposits to decrease the viscosity of the oil (high percetage of bitumen) and by that to drive it out of its bedrock.

The feeding charge of steam as well as the produced crude oil are transfered by flexible pipework equipped with IGATEC swivel joints type HT.

The requirements to the materials of swivel joint bodies, gaskets and design has been very ambitious, because of high pressure and temperature of the transferred fluids. those ae corrosive, abrasive, combustible and by that a serious issue for health and environment.

Using this new technology with IGATEC swivel joints type HT, the oil production in Schoonebeek could be restarted in 2011 after it was cancelled in 1996.

Strict compliance of customer specifications according NACE MR0175/ISO15156 was a master goal to achive conversion of this project


IGATEC International GmbH expands product portfolio

IGATEC International GmbH takes over the distribution of the products of the company KLAW Products Ltd. for Germany and thereby extends its product portfolio by the products safety disconnect couplings with shear pin (BAC), wire and hydraulic (ERC) activation.


Projects Currently Carried Out

Customer: Rosneft
Location: Angarsk, Russia
Project start: 2009
Products: LPG
Loading system: Top Loading for loading and unloading incl. divers auxiliary facilities e.g. compressors
Customer: Sibur
Location: Nojabrsk, Russia
Project start: 2010
Products: LPG
Loading system: „Top Loading“ for loading incl. divers auxiliary facilities e.g. pump stations
Customer: Lukoil
Location: Odessa, The Ukraine
Project start: 2010
Products: light products
Loading system: TOP SPOT® for loading incl. divers auxiliary facilities e.g. cable shunting installations
Customer: Karpatneftekhim
Location: Kalusch, The Ukraine
Project start: 2011
Products: liquefied gas
Loading system: “Top Unloading” for unloading from rail tank wagons incl. various ancillary equipment such as compressors