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Happy new Year!

We wish all our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees, as well as their families, a successful, happy and healthy new year 2024. Now is the perfect time to pause for a moment and recharge your batteries so that you can make the right decisions in 2024.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and trust in our company.

As a reliable partner, we will continue to stand by your side and look forward to a successful and cooperative partnership in the future.

Your team at IGATEC GmbH


Strong together!

As a member of WILLERSINN Group, IGATEC presents its logo in the new corporate design.
The WILLERSINN Group is a family business that has been run since 1952 and is now in its third generation. Over the years, a community of 17 operating companys and approx. 600 employees has emerged.
IGATEC is proud to be part of WILLERSINN Group – our new logo should show this affiliation even more strongly!

Note for our business partners: During the transition period from the old to the new logo, both versions are valid.


Stand With Ukraine!

We are deeply moved by the current developments in Ukraine. And we would like to lend a hand! Therefore, the Willersinn Group has set up a collection point for donations in kind today.

We stand against war and on the side of all those who stand up against it.
We are for democracy, peace and freedom as unchangeable basic rights.

Donation campaign Willersinn Foundation (in German)


Together we achieve more!

Social commitment is important to us.

This year IGATEC GmbH once again supports the “Aktion Mensch“.

Here, projects are supported that help to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and teenagers.


20 years IGATEC GmbH – A success story with a future

The company IGATEC GmbH was founded on 01.10.2001 and today celebrates its 20th anniversary.Since its foundation, the company has grown steadily.
Not least, we owe this to the excellent performance of each individual employee.
At this point we would also like to thank all business partners and customers for the good cooperation in the past years.


Together we achieve more!

Social commitment is important to us.

This year IGATEC GmbH supports the “Aktion Mensch“.

Here, projects are supported that help to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and teenagers.


Modification of CO2-loading stations

In December 2020, IGATEC GmbH will start a new project in North Rhine-Westphalia.

4 CO2-loading stations will be modified for the loading of tank trucks and rail tank cars.

Completion of the work is scheduled for February 2021.


Certification according to “DIN EN ISO 3834 – 2:2006”

On 11.03.2020 our production facility received the following certificates:

The TÜV Thüringen e.V. Industrie Service certifies the company

  1. the fulfilment of the comprehensive quality requirements according to DIN EN ISO 3834 – 2:2006
  2. the fulfilment of the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 as well as the requirements for the production of pressure equipment according to PED 2014/68/EU, Annex I, pt. 3.1, AD 2000 HP0 pt. 3.3 and AD 2000 HP100R pt. 4.2.


Smooth-running swivel joints from IGATEC International GmbH

IGATEC International GmbH in Hagen has reduced the starting and friction torques of W, T and V pipe swivel joints by up to 85%.

This reduction was achieved through the development of a new sealing concept in response to increased customer demand for smoother swivel joints for applications such as

  • Relief of hose connections from alternating bending loads
  • Relief of hose connections from torsion loads

In many cases, these bending and torsion loads have prevented the use of hoses in combination with swivel joints and have, for example, required the use of swivel joint shears (flexible piping), which has entailed higher investment costs.

With the new generation of smooth-running pipe swivel joints, a large number of applications can now be realized which were previously not possible or for which short service lives were accepted due to the lack of alternatives.

A positive side effect of smooth running is a basically longer service life of the seals due to lower internal friction.


E-mobility – IGATEC takes into operation several charging points for electric vehicle of ENGIE

In behalf of ENGIE, IGATEC has taken into operation several charging points for electric vehicle.

Two charging stations with the power of 3.7kW and 22kW have been installed at Siemensstr. 18 in Speyer.

Another charging point with the power of 3.7 kW has been installed on the oil production site “Cluster2” near Franz-Kirrmeier-Straße / Müllberg. At these locations, ENGIE’s electrical company vehicles can be recharged.


IGATEC obtains the order for the basic engineering of a filling station for tank car of VOPAK Terminal in Hamburg

IGATEC obtains the order for the basic engineering of a filling station for a new tank car on the company grounds Hohen Schaar of VOPAK Terminal in Hamburg.

The working out of basic engineering takes place in close collaboration between Vopak and IGATEC project teams. This close collaboration is based on the separation of planning tasks for the individual specialist fields (subsections) between Vopak and IGATEC.

The planning part of IGATEC includes:

  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Filling and measurement technology / Mechanics / Dosing system (incl. steel construction for filling technology)
  • Instrumentation and control engineering
  • 3D model of filling station
  • Estimate of costs for assigned subsections of basic engineering


Maintenance and repair work on the cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) plants of the barrage in Rehlingen, Mettlach and Kanzem for Waterways and Shipping Office Saarbrücken

Within the framework of checking of CCP plants at the watergates on the upstream and downstream end of a lock following works were carried out by the IGATEC:

  • Potential, current and resistance measurements
  • Logging of the defects and determining measures to protect the floodgates
  • Supply and installation of anodes, electrodes, protective baskets, filter pipes, cables and the necessary mounts in the watergate
  • Error correction and re-commissioning of the CCP plants as well as re-measurement to test the effectiveness of the CCP protection

After completion of works the lockage is back in operation since the end of June.


The mobile test plant for production of raw oil of GDF SUEZ in Speyer goes on line

After 4 days of commissioning the mobile test plant of GDF SUEZ in Speyer (Clusterplatz I) goes on line on the 8th of April 2016. This plant is designed for any kind of production tests on oil wells. This facility allow crude oil production from new wells as well as all required jobs after cleanouts of oil, gas and geothermal wells.

Due to its modular construction, this plant has a wide field of application, e.g. for pigging test runs at oil or gas pipelines or long-term production tests at wells.

Components of the plant:

  • 4 Storage tanks (material 316 L)(2 pure oil tanks; 1 pure oil tank or processing tank; 1 deposit water tank)
  • 1 Separator (material 1.4571) (2 or 3 phases; standing in container frames)
  • Complete steel pipework (Wet H2S service) with application of the hammer unions and armatures
  • 2 Heat exchanger (material 1.4571)
  • Heating unit
  • 20′ container for the electric distribution, production of instrument air and measuring station
  • 2 Material containers for storage of materials during the operation and for the transport of the plants parts
  • Pumps and loading plants
  • Gas processing
  • Flare with an associated petroleum gas (covert burning) with propane pilot-flare burner
  • Loading unit with optional gas compensation system
  • Fire detection system; lightning protection
  • CMD&A with partial automation and visualisation and option of remote monitoring
  • High pressure unit 25 m3/h at 25 bar, well head flow pressure


IGATEC supplying ship loading arm DN200 (8“) to MINERA in Mannheim

Within the scope of modernizations MINERA Mineralöl GmbH in Mannheim has commissioned IGATEC to deliver a new ship loading arm for the renewed loading platform.

The ship loader is designed according to state-of-the-art and equipped with a safety system. In case of drifting off ship, this system warns the operator by visual and acoustic signals in time and in case of emergency will disconnect the ship from the jetty by an ERC – Emergency Release Coupling. If this BAC – Break Away Coupling – is activated both orifices of this coupling are immediately closed within split seconds in order to prevent the escape of the product.

On Tuesday, 11.24.2015, at 7:00 in the morning the loading arm is delivered by heavy goods transport to Mannheim harbor. Where 2 cranes are already waiting to elevate the 13.5-ton ship loading arm from the truck and bring it into a vertical position. Then the arm is transferred from the heavy-duty crane to the floating crane and fixed thereon with 4xM42 bolts for transport to the loading platform of MINERA.

Half an hour later the floating crane reaches the loading platform and passes the ship loader to the assembly crew that is already waiting on the platform. The crew fixes it with 8xM42 bolts in its final working position. The transport locks on the balance weights are subsequently removed and the flexible pipes mounted to the cantilever.

Only 5 hours have passed from the delivery to the successful final assembly of the new loading arm DN200.


Ust-Kut – Chief assembly of LPG-loading station in the Russian town Ust-Kut is started!

Chief assembly of LPG-loading platform started end of October 2015 with steel construction building-up.

he new plant to be erected consists of following main components:
– Double-track loading platform for rail tankers (RT) with a capacity of 10 stations per track (if necessary emptying of RT with nitrogen) equipped with IGATEC loading arms for liquefied gas
– Single-track preparation station with 10 stations
– Emergency emptying system for one damaged rail tanker

The loading establishment design allows loading and unloading of rail tankers truck with LPG on the same track. The emptying of the rail tankers is operated by nitrogen. The automated LPG loading platform consists of following equipment:

  • Preparation platform: bestehend aus 10 automatisierten IGATEC Entladearme für LPG, aufgebaut auf IGATEC Rohrdrehgelenken Typ LCF und der gleichen Anzahl von Gaspendelarmen
  • Loading platform:
    Consisting of 10 automated unloading arms for LPG, built up with IGATEC swivel joints Type LCF and the same number of vapor recovery arms
  • Emergency emptying system:
    Consisting of one emptying arm and vapor recovery arm for emergency emptying of LPG from damaged rail tanker (e.g., leakage)
  • Automatic control system for loading processes
  • Automatic acquisition of loaded product quantity using mass flowmeter
  • Overfill protection device for rail tankers

The plant has a capacity of 750m³/h and therefore can load and unload during maximal 2 hours up to 1500m³ of LPG. This corresponds with exactly 20 rail tank trucks of 73,1m³.


Electrical Installations at Vopak Dupeg Terminal Hamburg are progressing

IGATEC GmbH currently supports the refurbishment of a tank farm terminal for chemical and petrochemical products in Port of Hamburg. IGATEC executes revision and renovation of the EMRC technology of 3 tank farms, several ship loading stations, as well as rail car and tanker loading station and installation of a new tank.

The range of delivery includes construction and installation of low voltage junctions as well as delivery, installation and connection of the electrical measuring devices, production facilities and control sections.

Additionally the customer-supplied control systems (Emerson) and frequency converters will be integrated and cable runs to tank farms and pumping stations reinstalled. IGATEC executes complete rewiring of reorganization measures and finally performs the start-up of installed equipment together with sub-suppliers of components.


IGATEC GmbH Splices Optical Fiber in Ludwigshafen

IGATEC GmbH is currently splicing singlemode fiber optics for a leading bio-pharmaceutical company. These fiber optic cables are used to build up an internal technology-network e.g. for energy management.

During the splicing process two cleaved fibers are precisely aligned by the fusion splicer and fused by an electric arc. For this purpose cable ends are stripped and cleaned first. Then 1248 splices are carried out by automated fusion splicer. Last but not least the splices are checked by OTDR measurements and corresponding reports are provided to the customer.


IGATEC International GmbH Receives Order for Rotary Joints Used in Steel Plants

IGATEC International GmbH starts into 2015 with a new project:
A leading manufacturer of steel mills has ordered 8 large rotary joints. These rotary joints will be designed, manufactured and delivered for the use at large steel converters.

Rotary joints for converters are used in steelworks at the trunnion of the converter. They connect the rigid piping of the steelwork with the rotatable converter supplying gases, air and cooling water. The oxygen e.g. has to be blown into the liquid melt to remove carbon from molten pig iron. Argon and nitrogen are injected to sustain mixing of the melt.

Scope of delivery includes the rotary joints as well as the piping within the trunnion of the converter. While 4 rotary joints with 10 channels (DN20) are realized to supply argon and nitrogen, another 4 rotary joints with 3 channels (DN200, DN100) are realized to charge air and cooling water. Two of each are for the use as spare parts.