Peripheral Systems

As a prime contractor IGATEC GmbH provides design, delivery, installation and maintenance of peripheral systems required for the safe operation of loading stations and tank storages.

Steel Constructions

We plan, design and install customized steel constructions such as pipe bridges, roofings, mountings, loading platforms or folding stairs.

Operator Buildings

Operator buildings, as a part of our portfolio, are used for control, monitoring and management of industrial plants.

Piping Systems / Fittings

We design and implement customized piping systems for the safe transfer of liquid and gaseous fluids, as well as the appropriate fittings. If necessary, we integrate electrical trace heating to prevent heat loss.

Pump Stations

We realize pump stations with pressure levels up to 100 bar for supply and pressure increase in pipelines. Pump stations are tailored to the specific project requirements and the required daily or annual performance.

Compressor Units

We deliver and install compressor units for unloading liquid gases of rail tank cars using the product gas phase instead of nitrogen. If necessary, we also establish the upstream evaporator and super heater units.

Marshalling Yards / Robots

Our portfolio also includes marshalling yards with the corresponding robots for positioning the rail tank cars at the right loading stations.

Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Vapor recovery units (VRU) reduce environmental pollution and decrease the ignition hazard of the loading plant. Furthermore they help to minimize product losses by recovering product vapour arising during the loading process. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we implement vapor recovery using membrane technology, activated carbon or gas storage.

Security Systems

To ensure the highest degree of safety we plan, design and install various security systems , e.g.:

  • Gas alarm devices
  • "Emergency stop"-switches
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire-fighting systems

Automation Systems

Conceptual design and implementation of automated control systems and E-MCR-technology for industrial plants are our core competencies. Our tank management systems allow to monitor and coordinate storage and loading processes in an effective way.

IGATEC Services at a Glance:

  • Conception
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Procurement, manufacturing and delivery of components
  • Set-up / assembling
  • Initial start-up
  • Training
  • After sales service

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