Telescopic tubes

Telescopic tubes are used for the flexible connection of pipelines to compensate for variable distances.

The range of applications extends from pump test benches to filter presses, etc.

Telescopic pipes replace swivel joint scissors if installation space and movement patterns allow/require this. They enable a linear movement with slight swivels of a few degrees.

Technical information:

Nominal diameter: DN100 up to DN250
Working pressure: suction operation (suction vacuum) up to PN40
Max. process speed: 0,5m/s
Stroke/length: max. 2500mm for DN250
Connections: flanges according to EN1092-1, ANSI B16.5…
Material: 1.4571, stainless steel
Fluids/gasket material: a. fluids without chemical aggressiveness (Water, hydraulic oil, …)
b. gasket material: HPU
Working temperature min/max: -10°C up to+110°C

It must be ensured that the stroke is vibration-free and straight along the central axis. Transverse forces due to axial displacement are not permitted.

Telescopic Tube - Detailed View

Detailed View

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